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Corridor Equipment is an authorized dealer for Gorbel®, industry's leading work station crane manufacturer. Increase your productivity, improve quality and create a safer work environment with Gorbel® Work Station Cranes. The aluminum and steel Gorbel Workstation Crane Systems feature an enclosed track that is strong and lightweight. Its ergonomic design makes bridge movement upto 3 times easier than traditional I-beam Cranes. Gorbel’s ergonomic bridges span up to 34 ft and the cranes offer rated capacities from 150 to 4,000 pounds. Gorbel cranes can handle any work station project and Corridor Equipment Company can provide a custom material handling solution designed for your situation.  For heavier applications Gorbel's Cleveland Tramrail Crane with patented Tarca Track System offers unmatched versatility, durability and ease of installation with capacities from 2 to 10 tons and spans to 55'.  Read more about the wide variety of cranes available >>>

Material handling Equipment | Workstation Crane | Gantry Crane | Cusotmized material Handling Equipment | Inplant Offices | Texas

Create customized material handling and storage solutions

Improve your warehouse or in-plant storage options and capacity by exploring the solutions Corridor Equipment offers for facilities like yours. Whether you need modular in-plant offices, industrial metal shelving and racks, or a warehouse mezzanine system, we can create the ideal configuration and set-ups to meet your needs. Click here to read more about how we can help you >>>

Material handling Equipment | Workstation Crane | Gantry Crane | industrial metal shelving | Inplant Offices | Texas

Specializing in racking and shelving for any industry

As your company grows and expands, Corridor Equipment is ready to supply your warehouse racks and shelves, wire partitions, modular offices and more. Whether you want to reconfigure space in an existing building or set up storage and office space in a new facility, we are here to help.

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